Banana pudding is now being loved by Nigerians especially young ones, it has become the sweet heart of many young ones. It is usually served as a desert. 
Banana pudding originated from United States of America especially the southern United States. 
It is very delicious and easy to make. RECIPES:
 1.two ripe bananas
 2.two eggs teaspoon of lemon juice.
4.castor sugar .
5.Vanilla flavor .  
6.sweetened milk .  
 Procedures are as follows:
 1.cream margarine and sugar together together, beat in the yolk of eggs.
 2.)Stir in the flour and in the milk 
. 3) mash the bananas with a fork adding the lemon juice. Add nutmeg. 
4.) stir in the mashed bananas and mix lightly until mixture is quite smooth 
 5.)fold in the fluffy whisked whites of eggs very lightly.
 6.pour into a well greased mould, cover with buttered paper and steam for 45 minutes, serve with custard sauce