Stretch marks is also called “striae “,it occurs in any part of the body most especially on hips, thighs, buttocks and so on.
 It has prevented many people from wearing revealing or harmless tops. It occurs mostly among pregnant women, especially where large amount of the body fats are stored . It looks exactly like parallel lines on your skin which comes in another or different colours different from your normal skin type.
Materials needed
 1.coconut oil(50ml)
 2.Aloe Vera (10 stick)
1. Take your aloe Vera, peel the back of it to unveil your aloe Vera gel
 2. Put on your stove or gas cooker
   3.Pour the aloe Vera inside the pot, on a lot heat.
4. Remove from fire.
5. Add your coconut oil.
6. Put cotton wool inside the mixture.
7.Begin to rub the cotton wool to where you have the stretch marks.
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