Fast pimples remedy

Fast pimples eraser cream.
Pimples or acne as otherwise called is caused as a result of overproduction of oil and build up of Bacteria. It appears mostly on where you have highest number of functional oil glands like your face and other parts.
Most people have pimples on their face and this has made some people to always cover it with heavy make up, it is better you get rid of it once and for all rather than hiding them under heavy makeup, moreover you are suffocating the acne with your heavy make up .
Having a smooth face devoid of pimples is beauty on its own.
If you are having pimples on your face ,try and be changing your pillow case and make use of clean ones only.
If you like taking groundnut try and stop it .
Fast remedy for the pimples :
* Get lavender oil – 3  tablespoons 
* Tea tree oil- 2 tablespoons
* miracle powder ( you can get from those selling organic ingredients)- 1 teaspoon of it.
* Quick clear face cream – 1
* Rose water – 1 tablespoons .
Mix all together ,rub on your face every night after having your bath.
Within 7 days you will surely see positive changes.