How to make money as an house wife

The effect of covid 19  has shown us that everyone needs to have multiple source of income.
Those who have 9-5pm jobs lost theirs ,while some that are still working with their employers have witnessed a salary slash .
It means that the family that witness such,will experience a decrease in the amount of income coming in for them.
How will such family cope if the husband is the only one working ,while the wife is a full time housewife .
Please don’t get me wrong ,I am not saying it is a bad thing to be an housewife, but it is always sweet when you make your own money.
What will happen if the breadwinner of the family dies( God forbid) and the wife is a full time housewife without any source of income.
We have all read on the internet or witnessed real life cases where after the husband dies, the husband’s relatives seizes all the properties , leaving the wife and children with nothing.
Some women do tell me that their husband does not want them to work and they decided to obey him as Good submissive wife( that’s good of you)
In this article I will be sharing with you how you can make money online as an housewife with your phone or laptop.
1.Graphics design:  you can be earning by designing logos ,flyers, banner for people, this is a skill you can learn online from people organising online training on it. After learning you can advertise on social media platforms and do for people , a logo cost a minimum of 2k or more depending on your charges, you can do a flier for 2,500 upward.
This can be designed with the aid of your phone
When you are good at it, you can run sponsored advertisement with Facebook or Instagram . People will surely patronise you, because makeup artist, bakers, fashion designers and other business owners needs logo or flyers for their business.
2 .Online tutor – there are some websites that pays you for answering questions for college students, pick a subject you are good at, then you answer questions and you get paid, a lot of Nigerians are getting money from it, especially if you are good in mathematics, chemistry and physics.
3. Blogging – if you love writing, you can decide to monetise it, you can open a blog and talk about your opinion about some issues, you could write a story or be an entertainment blogger , and apply for Google AdSense to get paid ,when people view your blogs.
4. Online training- if you know how to sew or have some handcraft skills you can record your videos on it and advertise for people to learn from you , and you charge them .
There are so many opportunities online that you can tap from to earn money through the use of your phone without it affecting your roles as an housewife.
Written by Adewusi Oluwakemi