Reasons why skincare products are not working for you :
I have read and heard from people saying they have spent money on creams and soaps and none has worked for them.
Some said a particular skincare products they have been using for sometimes that has been working for them , stopped working:


 In this article I will be sharing with you,why your cream and soap doesn’t work for you.
First of all, you need to exfoliate to make the cream and soap work, what does exfoliation means?
Exfoliating means removing your dead skin cells ,this could be done through the use of a good scrub, when you don’t exfoliate , dead skin cells will pile up to affect the performance of your skin care products.
Exfoliating helps to improve the efficacy of your skincare products.
* Another reason is that skincare products like cream may have been contaminated due to poor storage on your own part and this will affect their efficacy
* Another reason why your skin care products is not working is if you don’t follow the instructions and directions of usage written in the skincare products.
The direction of a cream is usually written there, maybe use only at night,then you went to use it during the day.
The maker of the cream might have skipped the use of sunscreen protector in the cause of making the cream, since he or she felt you will not be using the cream during the day,then you went to use it under the sun and this might cause sunburn for you.