How to make lightening black soap

How to make lightening black soap 
This black soap recipe is for those who want to lighten their skin, it gives  two – three skin  shade lighter and makes you Glow.
This black soap has no side effects or does not cause skin blemishes.
1. One African black soap
2. Four tablespoons of tumeric powder
3. One evaporated milk
4. 2 tablespoons of kojic acid powder
5.  2 and half tablespoons of alpha arbutin
6. 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.
7.  3 tablespoons of  carrot powder.
8 . 200ml of lemon juice
9. 12 tablespoons of honey
10. One big egg
11. 3  tablespoons of cinnamon powder
12. 2 tablespoons of preservatives
13. 1/4 cup of camwood
14. 5 tablespoons of licorice extract.
15.50 ml of whitening glycerine
* Pound your African soap or shred it into pieces
* In a clean bowl , add your egg, milk, cam wood, licorice, honey ,alpha arbutin and other ingredients in the recipe.
* Mix all thoroughly
* Then add the mixture to your African black soap,make sure it is well blended.

photo credit: Pinterest

* Add your preservatives
 * Mix again,so the preservation can enter the soap very well
* Put in an airtight container for usage and use daily
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