How to remove sunburn

How to remove sunburn
Sunburn appear mostly around your eyes area , cheeks, this is because the skin around the eye and cheek is soft and thinner, so your bleaching cream reaction quickly shows up there in the form of sunburn.
Sunburn is mostly caused by creams that contains harsh chemicals like hdyroquinon, mercury and so on.
Most people go for this cream because it is cheap and tends to work fast in giving them a light complexion, but at the end of it, it causes sunburn, which first of all appear in form of reddish skin around your eyes area, continue usage of it ,will lead to sunburn that any other cream you use may make the condition more worst, it is better you stop the bleaching cream once it starts to give you that reddish skin before it finally lead to sunburn.
Most people cover the sunburn with makeup, I believe skin blemishes should be removed once and for all , rather than covering it.
In this article,I will be showing you to remove sunburn,this remedy works ,it may take up to a week before you start seeing changes, kindly note that once you start this remedy ,don’t use that bleaching cream that caused your sunburn, scroll through my blog post on this website to do African soap recipe that contains natural ingredients that will make your skin glow without any skin blemishes.
Recipe to use:
 * Vaseline cream ( smallest size)

* 2 teaspoons of vitamin b3
*2 teaspoons of aloe Vera gel.
* Vitamin E – 5 capsule is ok.
* Pour the vaseline cream to a clean bowl..
* Add your aloe Vera gel.mix together
* Add vitamin E and vitamin B 3 .
* Mix the mixture well.
* Package inside a clean container.
* Use on the affected area after bath.
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