How to prepare rice water for hair growth.

How to prepare rice water for hair growth.
Do you know that rice can promote hair growth?
Yes,the same rice used in preparing fried rice ,jollof rice , coconut rice or other delicacy can promote hair growth.
Rice water benefits to hair is numerous:
It helps in hair growth, makes the hair stronger, makes your hair shine.
Rice water is beneficial to both virgin and relaxed hair .
Rice water contains vitamin C, B, and E which helps in making the hair grow long.
How to use rice water for hair growth.
* Put 1/4 cup of raw rice ,yet to be cooked rice inside a clean bowl.
* Pour 2 cups of water on the rice 
* Let the rice soak for 45 minutes.
* Strain the rice water inside a clean bowl .
* wash  your hair with shampoo and
rinse very well with water .
*pour rice water on your hair and
massage the rice water into your hair scalp.
*leave it for up to 20 minutes and 
rinse hair thoroughly using Luke warm water 
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