How to make turmeric oil

How to make turmeric oil
Turmeric has a lot of benefits to the skin and hair, when formulated to make turmeric oil it is beneficial to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles or other skin blemishes.
It also helps to remove dead skin cells.
* It also helps to nourish and strengthen the hair as well as promoting hair growth.
How to make turmeric oil.
Ingredients needed:
* 5 tablespoons of turmeric powder.
* 200ml of coconut oil.
Procedures :
* On a low heat, put coconut oil inside your pan or pot.
* Then add your turmeric powder.
* Mix both the turmeric powder and oil that is inside the pot.
* Reduce the heat.
* Continue stirring.
* After five minutes, remove the pot from fire.
* Let it cool down.
* Sieve the mixture.
* The oil is what you need.
* Package in container for usage