Home made tea to lose weight without stress

Home made tea to lose weight without stress.
Weight gain is a result of different factors.
Pregnancy – some women gain weight  during pregnancy as a result of the foetus growing in them, amniotic fluid.
* some drugs like birth control pills make some women add weight.
** entering into menopause can make some women to add weight, as a result of reduction in the estrogen hormones.
Whatever the reason that has caused your weight gain, these simple home made remedy can help you loose weight without stress or dieting.
A) Apple cider vinegar.
How to use it:
* Pour one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar inside a cup.
* Then add a warm water to it.
* Mix both the apple cider vinegar and water together.
* Take early in the morning before eating and in the night before going to bed.
B) Lemon tea:
How to prepare it :
* Pour hot water in a clean cup( the quantity of water should be what you can finish at once).
* Take one lemon and squeeze the water inside the hot water you have added to the cup.
* Then add one tablespoons of honey to the mixture
* Take early in the morning before food.
C) lemon grass
You can also boil lemon grass inside pot like a tea, you take it before breakfast.
You are to choose one of these remedy,while following these remedy ,do not eat dinner once it is after 7.
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