How to make potato chips for sale in Nigeria

Potatoes chips business is a very profitable one as it requires small amount of capital to set up, you do not also need a shop or office before you can start, you can start right From your house and it doesn’t stop you from doing your montly salary job
 Almost every body loves potatoes which makes it a very good business. You need a label that carries your business name, nylon, sealing machine to start.
You can start distributing to schools, kiosk, super market as well as the local market.
 Ingredients needed are:
5. Chilli pepper
 How to make potatoes chips :
1. Slice your potatoes in a clean bowl, you can use knife or vegetable slicer depending on your choice.
You can use potato slicer to slice
 2.Add salt, sugar  chilli pepper and your preservatives to it. your groundnut oil on fire to make it hot
 4.put your potatoes inside the groundnut oil which is on fire
 5.Allow to fry till golden brown
6.Remove from fire.
 7.let it cool down
 8.package inside your nylon and put in your label, and use sealing machine to seal the mouth of the nylon.