How to make vaseline

How to make vaseline
Vaseline is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes,it has a shiny effect when it is applied on the skin as cream. It is mostly used  among Nigerian homes during the harmattan seasons to keep the skin in good condition.
Vaseline is used by different people for different reasons as it doesn’t cause skin reactions, some mothers use it to prevent or stop inflammation caused by heat as a result of prolonged used of diapers on their baby,it is also applied on the lips during harmattan to prevent cracked lips
You can make yours in large quantities as low as 1,000 naira.
You can decide to add colour to your vaseline or leave it plain.
Materials needed
 1.stainless pot 
3.measuring cups 
 Chemicals needed
 1.petrolleum jelly 3kg 
2.paraffin wax (a little quantity) 3.liquid paraffin oil (2 liters) 
4.lanolin(1 bottle)
6 .perfume(to your desired choice
 1.Arrange your equipments and chemical beside you for easy reach.
2.light your stove, place the Stainless pot on fire
 3. Put chemicals number 1 to 4 into the pot, heat until all chemicals are well dissolved into liquid 
 4.mix the contents in the pot and bring down pot and put off your light. When the vasline solution has cooled down, add your desired color and perfume and mix well. your Vaseline container and pour in the mixture. When it becomes solidified cover the containers and use or sale, give your own products your own name or brand name you desire.
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