How to make papaya soap

How to make pawpaw lightening soap.
Do you know that the Vitamin C in pawpaw helps to protect your skin against sun damage. It also helps to clear your skin of any impurities and unclog your pores, preventing breakouts.
This pawpaw  bathing soap recipe makes you glow, free from acne, gives you an even tone and solve hyperpigmentation.
Pawpaw- 1
Ghana black soap-1
Glycerine -100 ml
Coconut oil- 50ml
Vitamin E- Two tablespoons
Arbutin powder- 2 tablespoons
Pure honey- 2 tablespoons.
1. Peel and cut your pawpaw into smaller size and blend it.
2. After blending, then you sieve, the pawpaw you just blended to extract the pawpaw juice. 
2.Take your black soap and grate and pour it in a stainless bowl. 
3.Place the stainless with the content inside in a boiling water.
4. Leave it & allow it to melt.
5. After it has melted, remove from fire.
6. After the soap has cooled down, add your glycerine, arbutin powder, pawpaw juice,  vitamin e , honey, coconut oil.
7. Mix all the ingredients very well .
Put in air tight container and start using to see positive changes in your skin .
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