Tips on how to make icing sugar

Tips on how to make icing sugar.
Have you ever ran out of icing sugar or you can’t find icing sugar around, you can actually make your own icing sugar and it will taste exactly like icing sugar you buy.
Icing sugar is mostly used in confectioneries, drinks,icings, it is also used for dusting over cakes and to add decorative touch to cakes.
This recipe of how to make icing sugar tastes like the icing sugar you buy in the market.
A good blender will make your icing sugar to be smooth and come out well.
* 1 cup of sugar.
* 1 tablespoon of cornstarch or corn flour.
 1.pour your sugar and corn flour into a clean bowl.
2. Blend both together with your blender.
3.sieve to achieve a fine texture and to remove lumps.
4. Store in an air tight container for your usage.
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