How to make molato body cream

How to make molato body cream 
This  recipe helps to remove eczema, dark spot, skin rashes and other blemishes you might have on your body
It gives you three – four skin shades for those who want to lighten their body
It can be used day and night.
You also need to scrub your body at least thrice a week to remove dead skin cells and allow your cream to work well.
Body cream is totally different from face cream 
*3 tablespoons of E wax
*2 tablespoons of glycerin
*2 teaspoons steric acid
*Filipino powder and solution
*2 tablespoons of snow white powder
*2 tablespoons of giga white powder
*2 tablespoons of sepi white powder
*2 tablespoons of carrots oil
*3tablespoons of  half cast oil serum.
*4 tablespoons of arbutin serum 
*Preservative- a drop.
*Using double boiler method , pour your E wax, glycerin and snow white powder, continue to mix it , till every of the ingredients  has melted then bring down from fire and allow it to cool.
*Do another double boiler, pour your carrots oil, giga white, sepi white,   and mix well 
*Remove from fire and allow it to cool and pour into your base cream that you did in step one.
*Add in your Filipino powder and solution together and mix with your mixer. ( The powder and solution is sold together)
*Add half caste oil , arbutin serum, preservatives and mix well till the mixture becomes creamy and pour into air tight container to be used  twice daily
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