How to make air freshener

How to make air freshener
Air freshener helps to create a pleasant welcoming smell in your house, and gives you a kind of confidence  that your home smells nice.
The making of liquid air freshener is a very simple process and does not require the use of machine or expensive chemicals .
 you can start the production for sale or make it in small quantity for personal use.
Air freshener
Chemicals used are:
1. Texapon : – ⅛ of kg
2.  Menthol :-  2- 3 tablespoon
3.  Methanol:-  1 liter
4.  Water:-        20 liters
5.  Perfume:-  2 liters
6.  Colour:-       to your desire
7.  Thickener:- ⅛ kg( optional,this is used if you want it to be a bit  thick and not watery)
1.  Put menthol in the methanol,allow it  to dissolve.
2.  Add texapon once the menthol is dissolved
3.  Add perfume oil of your choice, you can use any fragrance you like.
4. Turn your already prepared solution in a big bowl of 22litrs water and mix for few minutes using wooden ladle.
5.  Add  your colour, if the colour is in solid form,you will have to dissolve it in water before adding but if it’s in liquid form, just add directly to the mixture
Your air freshener is ready for sale 
Buy a spray bottle of your choice, package it and put your  business name sticker or label on it if you want to sell. 
You can get these chemicals from

those selling liquid soap materials.

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