How To Make Hair Cream

How to make hair cream

Fast growth hair cream 
How to make hair cream
Having a good hair that is full and long is the pride of every woman. Having a full hair can be as a result of hereditary or taking good care of your hair. 
You should take care of your hair , the way you take care of your skin. 
Hair loss can make you go bald and make you hide your hair with wigs or being mocked by people.
This simple recipe will help your hair grow long and full. It is also useful for those without front hair, apply to front hair daily and see positive changes
Those looking for business to start, you can start hair cream production, the cost of capital required is little and once your customers Start seeing positive changes in their hair growth, they will ask for more.
Either you want to make it for your personal usage or for sale, this recipe works well for your hair, it should be applied daily for faster results.
Materials needed:
For hair cream.
*petroleum jelly 1kg.
* paraffin oil. 2liters.
* cosmetic wax – 100 grams. 
* perfume – 1 tablespoon
* Coconut oil- 1/2 liter
* menthol as you desire
* sulphur a little.
* Colour – 2 tablespoons
* Aloe Vera gel- 5 tablespoons. ( There is ready made one in beauty stores or you use the fresh one from your farm)
1 .Put  your pot on fire .
2. Put into your pot your cosmetic wax ,after it has melted.
3. Pour into it, petroleum jelly , the paraffin oil, menthol, sulphur , Aloe Vera gel,  coconut oil
*Make sure you mix all together with wooden ladle
After it has melted.

* put off the stove ,and bring down the pot.
Let it cool for few minutes before applying your perfume and dose it into small containers for sale or personal usage, if you are using it for personal usage, divide the chemicals by 3
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