How to make after shave spray

How to make after shave
Aftershave is made up of chemicals and it is mostly used by men to prevent bumps or rashes after shaving .It is very important to use it, if you don’t want to have a rough face.
Most men use it after shaving so as to prevent skin diseases as well as to soothe bruises, wounds to the skin of the face.
It is very easy to make, materials are easy to get and cost of capital is very cheap, you can start producing and selling to make an income.
Chemicals needed
* Menthol- one tablespoon
* Methanol- one liter
* Fragrance- 30ml
*Water- 1 liter
*I P A- 2 liter
*Glycerin-100 ml
* Methyl paraben or propyl paraben- 500 ml
*Mix IPA and glycerin together in a  clean bowl
* Add propyl paraben and stir carefully with wooden ladle.
* Take another clean bowl and pour your menthol and menthanol and stir very well and add to the mixture in step 1
 * Add water, fragrance and mix Very well
* Add colour if you like,then package for your container for sale.

You can decide to use spray bottle for your production