How to make hair gel

How to make hair gel
Hair gel is a styling product designed to create movement and hold hair in place. It is used to harden the hair and style into different packing gel styles.
It can also be used to tame flyaway hair .
It is sold mostly in salon and other beauty stores, you can start producing hair gel from the comfort of your home ,it doesn’t require the use of machine, cost of starting the business is cheap.
Chemicals needed;
* Nitrosol- 1/2kg
* I.P.A- 5 liters
* Methyl Paraben- 1/4kg
* Ethanol- 1liter
* Fragrance- to your taste
* Water- 4 liters.
*Colour- to your taste.( You can use black colour)
* Dissolve your color into water and mix it ,till it has dissolved.
* Add nitrosol to the water and stir properly to achieve a smooth thick gel.
* After that, dissolve the methyl paraben with little water and add the mixture to number 1 above
* Add ethanol gradually, and stir properly.
* Add I.P.A
* Add fragrance and stir with wooden ladle, package inside container, after you must have mixed thoroughly without any lumps.
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