How to make dusting powder

How to make Dusting powder
Dusting powder is a white powder that is common in most Nigerian homes,it contains antifungal and antibacterial agents that helps to prevent skin and fungal infections. 
Dusting powder helps in treating eczema, skin irritation, nappy rash, sunburn, and so on. During hot season, when the heat is too much, you can apply on your body to prevent heat rashes .
Dusting powder is easy to make and cost of production is cheap for those who wants to go into its production.
Chemicals needed to produce dusting powder
* Talcum powder 3kg
*Zinc oxide 1/2 kg
* Menthol you grind it and put to how you want the dusting powder to be.
If you want the dusting powder to be hot, you add more menthol.
Process of producing dusting powder
* Pour the talcum powder in a bowl
* Add zinc oxide and mix together
*Add the grinded menthol to the mixture in the bowl and mix together properly.
* Then mix every thing in the bowl together after this your dusting powder is ready for use or sale.
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