How to make dry fruit cake

How to make dry fruit cake.
There are different types of cake
*Classic white cake 
*Banana cake 
*Chocolate cake
*Dry fruits cake 
*Vanilla cake 
*Strawberry cake 
If you have not tasted dry fruits cake,then you need to taste it, it tastes so different and nice and it is easy to make.
Flour – 3cups 
Baking powder ½ teaspoon 25ml 
Butter – 250gm 
Granulated sugar – 1cup 
Vanilla – 2cups 
Butter scotch – 2 cups 
Ginger – 1 piece 
Eggs – 5 
Nut meg – 1 seed 
Almond – 1 seed 
Brown sugar or brownie – 2 table spoon 
Dry fruit socked in brandy – half cup 
Brandy – 4 table spoon 
Lemorien and Lemon juice – 1 table spoon each 
*Rub baking pans with butter before baking .
* in a bowl add sugar, butter together .
*mix with a mixer until fluffy.
* in another bowl, beat eggs and flavors together then you pour into the butter mixture mix well.
*Add ginger, grated almond seed, nut meg together with your soaked dry fruit beat well alternately after each addition until it becomes smooth. 
* bake for 45 minutes.