How to get rid of dark spots on your legs

How to get rid of dark spots on legs
Dark spots do not only appear on your legs, it can appear on any part of your body.The appearance of dark spots on some ladies legs has prevented a lot of them from wearing shorts skirts.
There are a lot of factors responsible for the appearance of dark spots.
Firstly, some cream reactions causes dark spots.
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation this occurs when the person has suffered from acne or has had some skin injuries which causes inflammation in the areas affected leading to  increased production of melanin. Once melanin has been produced, it forms a dark spot on your skin, there are so many reasons for dark spots, whatever the reason for your dark spots this simple ready will help you to clear it.
Materials needed:
1. 100ml of lemon juice.
2. 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder.
3. Two tablespoons of honey.
* In a clean bowl, add your lemon juice.
* Add tumeric powder and honey.
* Mix together and apply on the spots.
* Continue using till you see positive changes.It works with consistency.