Herbal body scrub recipe

Herbal body scrub
This herbal body scrub helps your skin to look brighter because it removes the top layer of dead skin cells. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen, which helps your skin stay firm and radiant.
This herbal body scrub helps to improve the efficacy of your soap and cream by allowing it to penetrate more deeply into your skin instead of sitting on the surface.
 It also treats skin issues  such as eczema, ringworm,heat rashes, dark spots and so on.
Materials needed:
2 tablespoon neem leaf powder (dried Dogoyaro leaves)
1 tablespoon bitter leaf powder
1 teaspoon scent leaf powder
2 tablespoon brown sugar
* crumbled black soap
 5 tablespoons palm oil
* Mix all the ingredients together, ensure,it is well mixed.
* Put inside air tight container
* When you want to use it, wet your body with water and apply the herbal body scrub on your body ,let it sit for few minutes before rinsing it off with soap and sponge.
* Do this thrice a week to see positive results
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