How to make jam

I love taking jam with bread, I am sure I am not the only one who loves this combination, oh ,I love the strawberry jam.😋 I use to take jam to school back then, I prefer it to butter.

Jam making is easy, easier than you think and the materials to make it, is not expensive I will be teaching the recipe ,I know there are a lot of people like me who loves DIY ( do it yourself).😊

Learning how to do some DIY will save you money and there is this kind of pride when you make something yourself, my head will swell up like ijebu garri.

So let’s get started to making of our jam. Ingredients needed. So i will be teaching the strawberry jam first, before we look at the mango jam. Ingredients needed for strawberry jam.

* Strawberry,the quantity depends on you, strawberry fruit is not so common in Nigeria, you can get it in few places like super market.

* Sugar – one cup, you can add more,if you want your jam to be sweet, I like mine to be moderate .

Procedures involved

* Crush your strawberries inside a clean bowl

*Put your sauce pan on stove or gas, which ever one, you have at home.

*mix both the strawberry and sugar together,till you can no longer see the sugar in the mixture.

* Let it boil for a little while, remove the sauce pan from the stove.

*Let it cool down, your jam is ready. For mango jam

*You will be needing mango let say 10 mangoes .

*5 cups of sugar

* Half liter of water.

Procedures involved

* Peel your mangoes, then put them inside the blender to blend into a kind of puree, you know what I mean.

*Place your sauce pan on stove or gas.

*Add your mango puree , sugar , water to the sauce pan that is on fire.

*Continue to mix very well, preferably with a spoon, keep on doing this, for like 20 minutes.

*You will have to reduce the heat, for the water in the mango puree to dry up.

*After it dries up, you can add your sugar.

*When it is done, remove from the fire, let it cool , before putting inside the jar.

If you have any questions,drop it to the comments section