How to increase your butt or hips naturally

How to increase your and hips naturally

8 out of 10 ladies will desire to increase their, some go to the extent of going through surgery to increase it and they don’t mind the amount they are going to spend, some ladies desire to have big but are scared of going through the knife to do it or cannot afford the huge amount used for it

I will be sharing with you recipe that grows your within 2 weeks with no side effects as they are natural method.

You can get the materials from those aboki selling tigernuts and fruits or get from those selling organic ingredients.
Materials needed:

*Maca powder50g
*Fennel powder-50g
*Fenugreek 50g
*Soya bean powder 50g
*Cocoa powder 10g.


*Mix all the materials together.
* Store in an air tight container

* Add one tablespoon to your pap or custard and take daily or take with full cream milk and see positive results with no side effects

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