How to make Egyptian milk body wash

How to make Egyptian milk body wash.
This body wash helps to achieve a flawless skin that has no blemishes. It clears skin rashes, pimples, eczema and dark patches. Egyptian milk body wash also helps to clear hyperpigmentation and make you glow without any side effects.
It is also good for those who wants to lighten their skin.

Materials needed:

*1/2 cup castile soap
*5ml sunflower oil.
* glycerine- 20ml
*aloevera gel- 20g
*snow white-25g
* goat or Egyptian milk-20ml
*30 drops grapeseed oil
*Preservative – 3 drops
* Honey- 3 tablespoons
* Carrot oil- 10 ml

1) Put aloe Vera and honey inside a bowl and mix until it is dissolved.
2.) Add the remaining materials and mix thoroughly, preferably you can use a mixer so as to ensure the materials are well blended.

* Put in air tight container and use daily.



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