How to make mayonnaise

Mayonnaise comes in different colours like cream, pale yellow, it’s a condiments that has its history traced back to Spain which has its main ingredients as egg yolk, oil lemon juice.

It could be made using an egg whisk or better still an electric blender.

It can be used to eat a lot of things like bread ,potatoes, bagels, sandwich and so on.

To make mayonnaise you need: 3medium sized eggs

1 teaspoon of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of salt

Vinegar/lemon/lime (you can make use of any one of it). little of it

Vegetable oil .


1.)Carefully rinse the eggs.

2.)Break the eggs,carefully separately the egg white from the yolk, what you need is the egg yolk and not the white .

3)in a blender or bowl ,place your egg yolk

4).Add your Vinegar or other optionals for your sour taste.

5).Add sugar( which is optional)

6)Add salt.

7.)Then blend or whisk gradually add your oil till its thick. If you noticed that the mayonnaise is watery, break egg yolk in to another bowl, whisk it and then add your watery mayonnaise to make it thicker .

When making mayonnaise endeavor to use fresh eggs. The moment you start adding oil, the mixture becomes thicker, then you can make it light by adding your lemon juice to it With this you don’t need to buy mayonnaise from super store, when you make it store in a container and keep in the refrigerator.

it could be used as salad cream . It has a lot of nutritional contents like calories, saturated fats, potassium, vitamin B6 and other nutritional contents. It is healthier to make yours at home than buying and moreover it saves cost.

Uses of mayonnaise

1.mayonnaise can be used for treatment of sunburn, all you need to do is apply a little of it on the affected area, leave for some minutes before rinsing, this will help to remove dead skin cells, there by making the affected area lighter.

2.It can also be used as hair conditioner to make your hair smooth and as well make it silky when you apply to the root of your hair.

3.It contains Omega H 3 fats which decreases the rate of having heart attack.

4.Mayonnaise also help to control blood sugar level.

5.Vitamin E in mayonnaise reduce the chances of having stroke.