How to lighten dark knees, elbow and other joints

How to lighten dark knees, elbow and other jointsboth

There are a lot of factors causing dark knees and elbows , some are caused by the reaction of bleaching cream or soap that contains hydroquinone or mercury while others as a result of accumulation of dead skin cells.
Whatever the cause of your dark knees and elbows,this simple home remedy will help you to lighten it and you will see visible results in few days without any side effects or skin reactions.

Materials needed:
* One tablespoon of tumeric powder
* Two tablespoons of powdered milk
* One tablespoon of honey.
* One tablespoon of lime juice

* Mix all the four ingredients together with a spoon inside a bowl.

* Use cotton wool to apply on where you have dark knees or elbows.

* Use daily for faster results.

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