How to make Pito

How to make pito

Do you know that Pito or Asaana
helps to prevent heart conditions, lower blood pressure and other digestive ailments like constipation.

Pito is a brown like drink sold when it is cold by hawkers in Nigeria and other West African Countries.
It tastes good when it is served cold. You can make your pito at home as it is easy to make and the ingredients used to make it are easy to get and cheap.

How to make pito or Asaana

Ingredients needed:

*1 Cup of corn

* 2 Cups of Sugar

* 1 liter of water


*Soak the corn in water and let it ferment for 3 to 4 days, the water should cover the corn completely.

* On the third or fourth day, bring out the corn that you have soaked and rinse it.

*Pour the corn into the pot and add water to it.

* Place the pot on fire .

* Let it boil for up to 20 minutes or more.

* Remove the pot from fire.

* Drain the water from the corn that you just finished cooking and keep aside in a bowl
* The next thing to do is to add sugar inside a clean pot, for few minutes to caramelize , meaning it will turn to brown.
* Then add the water from the corn to the caramelized sugar and mix well with spoon or wooden ladle.

* Let it cook for few minutes.

* Take off from fire.

* When it is cool , add ice block to it , you can also put lime juice to it if you like it that way.

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