How to make golden morn


Golden morn is a cereal that most kids and adults loves eating and it is very nutritious
as it contains vitamin A, iron, minerals, and calcium.
It also provides energy.

Ingredients needed:

*4 cups of maize

*1cup of soya beans.

* 3 cups of millet.

* 1 cup of powdered milk

* Salt ( a pinch)

*Sugar (3 teaspoon)


* Wash your soya beans, millet and maize, this should be done in separate bowls.

* Then sun dry it for few days.

* Fry both maize and millet in low heat to achieve crunchiness and grind in medium consistency.

*Fry soya beans too and grind it not to be too smooth

* Mix both the grinded millet, maize ,soya bean together.

* Add sugar, salt and powdered milk to it.

* Bake in oven for few minutes.

Your golden morn is ready