How to make peanut burger


Peanut burger is a snacks loved by both young and old especially Nigerians and Ghanaians.

It is a very profitable business and the the cost of production is very low.

You can start making and selling to school children, market and other public places.

Ingredients :

1. 250g of flour

2. Sugar (2 cups)

3. Three eggs teaspoon of salt

5.four cups of groundnut teaspoon of baking powder . teaspoon of nutmeg table spoon of milk flavor

9.100g of butter .

Process of making peanut burger.

1. Mix your eggs, sugar, salt together, mix very well til your sugar dissolves inside it.

2. Take another bowl, mix your flour, butter, milk in another bowl, pour your groundnut inside it, then add the combination you did in step one and two into it.

By adding small quantity of the flour mixture and shake well, repeat it again to ensure that the groundnut is well coated with flour.

Put your groundnut oil on fire, fry the peanut burger till golden brown.

It can be eaten with bread and take it with garri.