How to make tomato paste at home


This is tomato season, where you will get tomato at cheap price.This is the time to make your tomato paste and keep for use without the use of chemicals.

Tomato paste is mostly used in most Nigerian homes, to make stew and sauce especially in situation where there is scarcity or where fresh tomatoes are expensive.

You can make your tomato paste and keep for usage or you might decide to go into the business fully, but you will need NAFDAC approval if you are going into the business fully!

Let’s get started with making of our tomato paste, you will need:

*Tomatoes ( this should be more than the pepper)

* Pepper



* Take your blender and blend both the tomatoes,pepper and onions.

* Pour your blended mixture inside a clean pot and put on fire, add a little salt

* Let it boil until the mixture becomes like a paste and very thick.

* Don’t let it get burnt.

* The next thing is to take your bottle or jar where you are going to preserve it.

* Pour your tomato paste inside the bottle or jar, close it.

* Take another clean pot and put a clean piece of cloth at the base of your pot,then pour a little water that will be sufficient to lift the piece of cloth.

* Put your jar or bottles that you already put your tomato paste gently inside the pot.

* The next thing to do now is to cover the pot with lid and allow to boil for 30 minutes.

*After 30 minutes, remove the jar or bottles from the pot.

Make sure the lid of the bottles covers it well.

*Keep in your kitchen shelf and store

    How to make tomato paste

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