How to make yoghurt at home


So many people do not know that yoghurt making is so simple and making it doesn’t take time.

Come to think of it, you can actually earn a living by making and selling yoghurt.

Most people love yoghurt especially when it is cold, I can’t go a day without taking it, and I am sure there will be people like me ,who love yoghurt as well.

Yoghurt comes in different flavours, strawberry, vanilla, banana and so on, but I love the strawberry own.

You can actually sell in your church, super market and offices, you need to package it well, and choose a nice name for your yoghurt. Some might decide not to go into the business ,but to make it home for their children.

Here is the recipe/ ingredients for it.. Milk- 450g

Water- 3 liters .

Strawberry flavour, you can decide to use any flavour of your choice.

*Yoghurt culture- 10g, you can get from those selling cake materials or super market near you.


* First of all, take a clean bowl, mix the water and milk together and transfer the mixture into a pot.

* Let it boil for some time, when the milk is a bit warm.

* The next thing to do is to mix your yoghurt culture with the boiled milk .

* Cover it with the lid, give it time for fermentation to take place, you can leave if for 8 hours.

*After the 8 hours, go and check it, if you notice the yoghurt is too thick for you, you can add water, I love mine to be thick.

* The next step, is to add your strawberry flavour, sugar, mix Very well .

* If you notice any shaff in the mixture, you need to sieve. Your strawberry yoghurt is ready! If you have any questions,drop it in the comment section, if you have any topic, you want me to teach you, drop in the comment section. Yoghurt recipe[/caption