How to lose belly fats

How to lose belly fats

People desire to lose belly fat and take all sorts of drugs to achieve this, some people have drank different brands of flat tummy tea and still yet their tummy still refuses to go down or become flat.

This natural recipe helps to lose belly fats with no side effects and help you to achieve flat tummy that you so much desire.

Ingredients needed:

*Ginger- you can use the powdered one -1 teaspoon
* Lemon -1/2. ( You will cut one lemon into two and use the half.

* Water- 1 glass cup

* Honey- 2 tablespoons


* Boil the water and pour into a glass cup.

* Add honey to it, mix with spoon

* Add ginger and lemon juice to it.
You are to squeeze the water/ juice of the lemon and pour into the mixture

* Mix everything together and take before eating breakfast.

The water to be used should be hot.

To achieve flat tummy and lose belly fat , you need to watch what you eat , run away from carbonated drinks, eat more of protein.

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