How to make germicide (Izal)

How to make germicide (Izal)

Germicide or Italy is used at home for toilet cleaning, floor tiles and also in hospitals , schools and so on.
It is used to kill germs.
You can make your own germicide at home ,the chemicals used is easy to get and cost of producing it ,is cheap.

Chemicals needed:

*1/8 kg of lyzol
*1/8 kg of Phenol
*1/8 kg of Pine oil
*1/8kg of booster
*1/8 cencentrate
* ¼ kg of whitener
*¼ of texapon
*2 liters of water
*1/8kg of carbolic acid.


*Pour your texapon into a bowl.

*Add pine oil and phenol into texapon and mix together with a wooden ladle.

* Then add whitener and mix again.

*Add 1 liter of water and mix it together

* Add concentrate

*Then you add the remaining one liter of water again and mix together

* Add lyzol and mix together

* Add carbolic and mix together with your wooden ladle.

* Then add booster and mix.

* Let it settle for up to 10 minutes and put inside bottle for usage.