How to make golden morn

HOW TO MAKE GOLDEN MORN Golden morn is a cereal that most kids and adults loves eating and it is very nutritious as it contains vitamin A, iron, minerals, and calcium. It also provides energy. […]


How to make Pito

How to make pito Do you know that Pito or Asaana helps to prevent heart conditions, lower blood pressure and other digestive ailments like constipation. Pito is a brown like drink sold when it is […]


How to make mayonnaise

Mayonnaise comes in different colours like cream, pale yellow, it’s a condiments that has its history traced back to Spain which has its main ingredients as egg yolk, oil lemon juice. It could be made […]


How to produce cornflakes

HOW TO MAKE CORNFLAKES LIKE THE POPULAR BRANDS YOU KNOW Corn flakes is a very popular breakfast taken by most Nigerians. Some people like taking it with milk alone, while some like to take it […]