How to make roasted groundnuts

How to make roasted groundnuts

Roasted groundnut is popular among most Nigerians and other West African countries. It is sold in different transparent bottle sizes and at pocket friendly price.
Some people take it with garri ,some with bread while others take it with roasted plantain (boli).

Have you been looking for business to start, you can start making roasted groundnut in bottles and supply supermarkets and other shops. This is a lucrative business and you can start with as low as 2,000 naira ,then you can expand your business.

Some people use sand to roast their groundnut, which is not healthy , this new method I am sharing is healthy and you won’t be seeing or chewing stones in your groundnuts

Ingredients needed:

* Groundnut ( quantity depends on the amount you want)
* Salt – to taste( note that not everyone likes salt,so you using it , should be minimal)
* Garri- it should be enough to fry the groundnut.


* Put your pot on the stove or gas, let it heat up a little bit,then sprinkle your garri on it.
* Let the garri be on fire for 2 minutes.

* Then pour in your groundnuts and stir with a wooden spoon continuosly.

* Add little salt to taste.

* After five minutes,take some out of the groundnut to see if it is done,if it is done remove from fire, but if not continue stirring it till it is done.

* Remove the pot from fire, let it cool.

* Pour the mixture inside the sieve, so as to be able to separate garri from the groundnuts.

* You can peel the groundnuts by rubbing between your fingers and palms and blow out the chaff

* After this, store the groundnut in air tight container for sale or for eating.