How to make potato flour / swallow

How to make potato flour/swallow

Have you ever tasted swallow made with potato flour. You need to try it, you will ask for more especially when you eat it with correct vegetable soup or oha soup.

Potatoes flour contains thiamine, iron and vitamin C.

If you are the type that doesn’t like eating swallow,try out potatoes swallow made with potatoes flour.

Ingredients needed:
* Potatoes – the quantity depends on the quantity you want
* Water

* Wash your sweet potatoes, you can use Irish potatoes, if you want.

* Cut into tiny pieces and let it be thin.

* Place on aluminium foil and put in the oven.

*Let it bake till it becomes crispy.

* When it is done,remove from fire.

* Blend into powder using a food processor or blender.

* Then prepare it for swallow by placing water inside a pot.

* Let it be hot

* Pour in your potatoes flour and stir with wooden ladle.

* Let it cook for five minutes

* Your potatoes swallow is ready to be eaten with any soup of your choice.

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