How to make carrots body wash

How to make carrots body wash

Due to the various vitamins present in carrots,carrots body wash helps to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles, clears stubborn stretch marks, scars and remove any form of skin blemishes and make your skin clear and smooth.

This body wash is suitable for those with sensitive and stubborn skin.

Materials needed:

*Beta carotene powder 1g
*Snow white powder 2g
* licorice powder 1g

Xanthan gum 1.2g
*Coloring (orange) – a little should be used.

*Propylene glycol 5g

*Chamomile extract 5g

*Vitamin E oil -20ml
*Carrot seed essential oil 0.5g

*Germal plus – 5 drops


*Add hot water into a bowl and pour in beta carotene powder and soap and cover for it to soften.

* Then Mix your xanthan gum with your little water and add it to the bowl.

*Add your chamomile extract.

*Add carrot oil, vitamin E oil to the mixture.

*Use your propelyne glycol to mix your coloring and add to it.

*Add the other remaining materials to it.

* Leave it inside the bowl to thicken.

* Wait till after 24 hours before using.