Secrets of party fried rice

Secrets of party fried rice

A lot of people wants to cook fried rice at home and wants it to taste exactly like the party rice but each time they try it ,it doesn’t come out well or their fried rice gets spoilt easily after it has been prepared not quite long.

This simple tips will help you on what to add to your party fried rice and how to make it last long without getting sour.

*Wash the rice before cooking this is to remove excess starch from it and prevent it from being clumped together.

*Use beef or chicken stock to cook your rice.

*Use veggies like carrots, peas, sweet corn but don’t over Cook it.

* Add butter, little garlic ,nutmeg ,liver to your fried rice.

*Use medium or long grain rice as
Short grain rice tends to be softer and quick to stick together.