How to make yoghurt parfait

How to make yoghurt parfait

Yoghurt parfait is packed with a lot of nutrients and vitamins and this makes it healthy
Such as vitamin A, iron, pottasium, Vitamin C, vitamin B6, protein and so on.
Yoghurt partfait is easy to make.

Ingredients needed:
You can use any fruits you like, the fruits used in this recipe are those that can be easily obtained in Nigeria, some people use strawberry or omit it.
* Sweetened yoghurt


* 8 Dates nuts or almonds

* Strawberry



*Water Melon

*One Grape


* Wash your apples, strawberry then slice the apples, strawberry, bananas and water melon into smaller portion.

*Also Cut the dates or almonds into tiny portions.

* In a glass cup or tumblers, pour yoghurt into it, it should fill up to quarter of the cup.

*Add 2 teaspoons of granolas.

* Add the banana, watermelon,apples, grapes to it.

* Add the dates or almond to it.

* You can add more yoghurt to it.

* Your yoghurt partfait is ready

Some people add coconut into their parfait, you can do so, by cutting it into smaller pieces and heat in a low heat and add it to your parfait