How to make car liquid wash

How to make car liquid wash
Using detergent to wash your car can peel the colour of your car and can make the colour to fade. Use car liquid wash to wash your car.

You can start earning an income by making car liquid wash and start supplying car wash centers in your areay they will keep on patronising you if it foams well.

How to make car liquid wash.


*Soda Ash-150g

*SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)-30g

*Sulphonic Acid-1/4 Ltr

*STPP 80g

*Texapon -62.5g

*Foam Booster- 5 tablespoons.

*Sodium Silicate-10Cl

Glycol- 5Cl

*Formalin (Preservative) -5 tablespoons

*Colour (As desired)

* perfume- as desired.


* In a bowl, add up to 7 liters of water, add your Nitrosol and stir continuously until it is well dissolved.

* Dissolve soda ash in a small quantity of water and add it into the bowl containing Nitrosol.

In a small bowl dissolve STTP into small quantity of water and then add to the bowl where you dissolved nitrosol and keep on stirring and ensure it is well mixed.

* Take another separate bowl add a little water, mix your Texapon , Sulphonic Acid together, stir well, then add the foam booster and mix well and add into the initial bowl containing nitrosol.

* Then dissolve the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in a small quantity of water, mix well and pour into the bowl containing the nitrosol.
*Add the Sodium Silicate,add the preservatives, colour , perfume to it ,add Propylene
Glycol and mix well.

* Leave for up to an hour before packaging for sale

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