How to remove stubborn stains from tiles

How to remove stubborn stains from your tiles.

There are some stubborn stains that can refuse to clean off from your tiles no matter how hard you try. This stains has been permanent on your tiles. Do not worry,this simple tips will help remove the stains ,no matter how stubborn they are, try the following techniques.

If it a blood stain, dip a cloth inside hydrogen peroxide and use it to wipe the spot where there is blood stain on the tiles.

If it is gum stain- Place ice cubes in a plastic bag and put the bag over the exact spot where the tiles is stained.

If it is a nail polish stain, put a little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and use it to rub the exact point, where the stain is.

If the causes of your tiles stain is not stated here, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean the tiles, the stain will remove