Common cake problems and causes

As a beginner you might have encountered some problems while baking cake ,this should not weigh you down.Professionals you admire in the cake industry started as an amateur, in this article I will be sharing with you common cake problems and the causes, so you won’t repeat the same mistake when next you are baking cake.

1.) When your cake is uneven- This happens when you turn your cake several times while it is baking.
Another reason why your cake is uneven is that the temperature is not hot enough and this made the cake to be uneven in size.
2.) When your cake get stuck to the pan – This occurs when you forget to grease your cake pan before pouring the batter.
3) When your cake is too moist and a kind of sticky – This may occur as a result of inadequate leavening agent or when it is expired and you used it for baking.
4) Cake sinking in the middle- This occurs when your cake is undercooked and raw in the middle,this could be as a result of your batter being over mixed and the gluten structure is strengthened too much,which allow more air to enter into it,thereby leaving the cake to rise and then fall again.
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