How to make yoghurt parfait

How to make yoghurt parfait Yoghurt parfait is packed with a lot of nutrients and vitamins and this makes it healthy Such as vitamin A, iron, pottasium, Vitamin C, vitamin B6, protein and so on. […]


Anti wrinkle vitamin c serum

Anti wrinkle vitamin C serum This serum is a multi purpose serum ,it helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye circles,protects against sun damage and helps to reduce redness and even out your skin […]

Cakes and pastries

How to make digestive biscuits

How to make digestive biscuits. Biscuits are made with flours and other ingredients. It is loved by both young and old. You can take some with tea as breakfast. This simple tutorial will put you […]


How to stop snoring

How to stop snoring A lot of people snore while sleeping which their spouse or other people living with them do not like. Snoring occurs when air flows through your throat when you breathe in […]