How to get rid of rats

How to get rid of rats Having rats in your house can be annoying especially when they eat your foodstuffs, eating foods that has already been eaten by rats can be harmful to your health, […]


How to clear eczema

How to clear eczema. Having eczema on your body can make it itchy, dry, rough, and irritated. This simple tips helps to clear eczema,visible results in few days. Materials needed: Get aloe Vera gel mix […]

Cakes and pastries

Rainbow cake recipe

Rainbow cake recipe. Rainbow cake is becoming popular especially with children ordering for it for their birthdays. The taste is unique and makes you ask for more. Ingredients needed: * 3 cups of flour * […]

Cakes and pastries

How to make red velvet cake

Red velvet cake is becoming more popular among cake lovers . you can try this recipe and enjoy the delicious taste of the cake. RED VELVET CAKE Ingredients 205 g shortening 600 g white sugar […]

DIY and crafts

How to make noodles

Noodles are loved by both children and adults, especially young children.It is faster and easier to cook.It is best enjoyed with boiled or fried eggs, chicken and plantain. The ingredients is easy to get Ingredients: […]


Glowing night cream recipe

Glowing night cream recipe. This is for those who wants a clear and glowing face, free from acne, rashes or eczema. It is suitable for usage at night before going to bed. Materials needed: *Vaseline […]


How to make hand sanitizer

How to make hand sanitizer The importance of having hand sanitizer cannot be over emphasized especially doing this period that the world is battling with covid This steps will put you through on how to […]