How to make medicated bathing soap

How to make medicated bathing soap

Medicated bathing soap is different from ordinary bathing soap,it contains some special ingredients that helps to remove rashes, acne/pimples , eczema , dark spots and other skin blemishes.

Chemicals needed:

*Caustic Soda solution – 4liters ( you need to soak 1kg of caustic soda into 4 liters of water overnight before using it for soap production)

*Sodium Silicate -1/2 litre
*Palm kernel oil– 6 litres
*Phenol – 1/4 litre
*Fragrance – as you desire
*Colour – as you desire.
* Soda ash-1kg
( Soak inside 4 liters of water over night before using for production)


*Pour palm kernel oil into a bowl, add your colour to it, if you want your soap to bring out yellow colour, you add yellow colour,if you want it to bring green colour, you add green colour to it.

*Add caustic soda solution , soda ash solution, sodium silicate and mix well.

*Add your phenol, fragrance and mix

* Pour the mixture into soap mould for 12 hours.

* Then remove from mould after it has solidify