How to look younger than your age

How to look younger than your age.

It is possible to look younger than your age, without breaking the bank and your skin becomes flawless, free from wrinkles or being saggy

Check out the amazing steps of what to do to look younger.

*Include scrub in your skin care kits, you can get a ready made scrub from beauty stores.

You need to exfoliate your skin by using scrub thrice a week,this helps to remove dead skin cells and help your soap and cream to work effectively.

* Do not use your body cream on your face. Body cream are meant to be applied on your body and not your face, get a face cream for your face.

* Do not use sponge on your face while bathing.

* Take enough water daily- Take at least 7 cups of water daily, taking enough water helps to flush out the harmful toxins from your body and makes your internal organs to work effectively.

*Get enough sleep- we Nigerians like to work, but please try and create time for you to sleep, depriving yourself of sleep can cause wrinkles under your eyes and make your skin saggy which might make you look older than your age.

* Eat fruits- Take fruits daily ,even if it is one apple or orange, just make sure you eats fruits daily.

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