How to make kunu

How to make kunu Do you know that kunu drink helps to reduce the chances of diabetes and also aid lactating mothers and women in menopause years to relax their muscles. Kunu is a popular […]


How to make Tea

How to make beverages ( bornvita and Milo) Beverages or tea is common in most Nigerian homes and it is loved by both children and adults. It is usually served with bread and eggs as […]


How to make Baba dudu

How to make Baba dudu Baba dudu is popular candy and this brings back childhood memories. It is easy to make and cost of making it is cheap. Ingredients needed: *Coconut – the quantity depends […]


How to make methylated spirits

Methylated spirits is used for wound dressing and also used to clean stubborn stains from the wall. Methylated spirits is what every household should have in their home. These simple steps will guide you on […]


How to make medicated bathing soap

How to make medicated bathing soap Medicated bathing soap is different from ordinary bathing soap,it contains some special ingredients that helps to remove rashes, acne/pimples , eczema , dark spots and other skin blemishes. Chemicals […]