Cakes and pastries

Sponge cake recipe

How to make sponge cake. Easy steps to put you through on how to make sponge cake. Ingredients *200g of all purpose flour. *1 tablespoon of baking powder *100g of butter *8 eggs *300g of […]

Cakes and pastries

Types of flour and uses

Types of flour and their uses Do you know that there are different types of flour and what they are used for. Using the right flour will help your cake or pastries to come out […]

Cakes and pastries

Banana Bread cake recipe

Banana Cake bread recipe. This has a yummy tastes. Your children will love it. *4 bananas (ripe ones, it has to be mashed. *3 cups of flour *1 teaspoon of baking powder *1 teaspoon of […]

Cakes and pastries

How to make butter pie

How to make butter pie. This is mostly sold by hawkers in the south part of Nigeria. It is easy to make and fills the stomach. For those looking for business to start with little […]


How to make facial cleanser

How to make facial cleanser. This facial cleanser helps to clear and fade pimples, wrinkles, fine lines and makes your face smooth and glow with no side effects. Facial cleanser is important for every woman […]


How to start okrika business

How to start okrika business. Selling okrika clothes is a very lucrative business that requires low capital to start. With as low as 10,000 naira you start the business. Are you looking for a business […]